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New Novels in my Collections

So…My brother took me out because he said he wants to buy new clothes. Because the mall he suggest has a bookstore, I agreed to go with him. That decision resulted me in…..A SET BOX COMPLETE OF DARK GUARDIAN NOVELS!!!!

Well…I wanted to buy those novels since a long time and when I saw the box set it’s only tempted me more =w=” Before I decided to buy it, there are 2 choices…first The Hunger Games my brother suggested and second is Dark Guardian. Since my brother already bought the tickets for Hunger Games….I gave up on it and decided to buy Dark Guardian.

Time to read the first book =3 Since I have the reader-mode boost right now =3 And… 3 months without buying books worth it =w=a I can focus on my Last Project like this.

Fanfiction or Reading? Both are my favorites! =D

I have been thinking of going back to my Fanfiction world to pass the time (=w=)a Well…I don’t think I would be able to post up everything I left behind. But I do think that my skill in English is…well….deteriorating….That’s why I want to write Fanfiction again. Let’s just say I’m studying language while having some fun =P

Reading in this case is to finish novels I bought before. There are 2 untouched novels (still seal-covered), 1 which left 2 last chapters, and 1 more which still in the middle of reading. To be honest….Reading makes me hungry and I’m the type who would stayed up late just to finish the novel and ignoring everyone (v.v) And that habits is my enemy since my mom always scolded me because of my “nocturnal animal type” sleeping time (=A=”)

Since I already submitted my proposal for my last project, I will have a bit of free time during the checking. At least 2 days is enough to do both reading and writing fanfiction =3 I hope I really could submit at least one chapters for one of my stories (v.v”)

Oh…..Happy Earth Hour, Everyone!! =D

Cardfight!! Vanguard 5th Ending Song Lyrics (TV Version)

Title: Nakimushi TREASURES

Singer: Milky Holmes



Namida wo koraete futekusareteta

Jibun dake ga mou DAME na kigashite

TOMODACHI ga itsumo no PACE de

Ganbatteiru no mabushikattane

RIVAL wa make sou na KOKORO

Chousenshite kuchigau CARD

Donna PINCH ni demo yuretakunai yo

Aimai na yume jyanai Shoumei shitai!

CALL MY DREAM!! Ichiban tooku no sora made

Watashi wa koko dayo Oogoe de sakebanakucha!

Nigenai! Jibun no kuyashii KIMOCHI wa

Shoujiki (Zettai) nanda (Yuusen) Uragiccha DAME sa

Nakimushi na TREASURE DAYS


I type down what’s in the screen…If there’s some mistakes in it…I’m sorry (v.v”) I type it down because I’m a bit bored right now (=w=”)a

Nice mood lift!! ^^

It’s a really nice to watch Vanguard episode 52-53 before I begin my study for my TOEIC test ==” Yes…The test is on January, 10th. And I still need to study about grammar and all…Though it’s a wonder whenever I have a test I could still get a good score. It’s a mystery to me xDD

I’m really looking forward for the next episode >w< And I hope I could finish my college before the first Vanguard Season end (v.v) Fight!!!

Oh…Chibi Aichi is so cute. I love the new Ending ^^ Hohohoho….

New Year!!!

Happy new year!!! =D

I hope this year would be the best year for all of us =D Let’s enjoy this new year and create more happy memories and experiences in our life with our family and friends ^^ 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because that’s show our human’s sides. But don’t make the same mistakes over and over again because that’s means we don’t appreciate the others.

If you want to say somethings, say it before you regret it. It’s better that you regret your own decisions than regret your own silence.

That’s all what I want to say =D My grammars are all messed up since it’s been a while since I typed using English =P

New Year =D

It’s the first time most of the family members spent New Years together =D It’s nice to spend some times with my cousins and aunties ^w^ But…I hope I don’t see some ‘unnatural’ things at my cousin’s villa ==” It’s already creepy enough to be the only one there. Well…Since we got to look at the fireworks more clearly…I think it’s worth to be there ^^ And I got to see episode 51 of Vanguard and the last episode for Season 1 of Kyoukai Senjou before I left =3 I’m going to take a lot of pictures when I arrived there >w< My pets…I’m going to leave you all for one night =P Hohohoho *Kicked*

The last 2 pages of Chapter 4….If only I could understand them QAQ For the bubble…I’m a bit confused….And for the page….I can’t read the Katakana >A< Waa!!! *Rolling on the floor*

Boogie Man Soundtrack - Megaupload link


If anyone is having problems with mediafire, I’m terribly sorry! Here is a megaupload link; here! I’m not very good at file-sharing. Any tips are appreciated. c:

Thank you for the MU link =D *Went to download the rest*




Direct download link is here in mediafire!

I’m also sort of new to mediafire, and any suggestions on how to share multiple files without going premium is appreciated.

So here it is! I do hope you like it! These songs are songs that I thought matched Boogie Man very well. I have also found the original artist of this album cover! Over here! Check out her other works! Again, thank you for all your support! I never believed that Boogie Man could get so well-loved from so many people all around the world when I started that first chapter two years ago. I had only started writing because I felt miserable, because I felt alone. But seeing you all now, seeing how all of you are so enraptured by my writing? I never felt so needed, and I’m sincerely thankful for every single one of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I love you all!

Nice songs >w< But links for track 1,4,5, and 9 didn’t work QAQ

ah shiz I reblogged from the wrong account. OPPS. YOU DIDN’T SEE MY FACE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Thank you for telling me! But I don’t seem to see the problem, I have downloaded all of them and they seem to work fine. Are you quite sure? o:

It’s working fine until I click the download button, then this page showed up:

Error 404

Sorry, we’re missing something

This page cannot be found…

The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Please try the following:

  • Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly.
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